More Summer Hair Trends 2014

Let’s talk curls this summer! Down styles and long luscious locks are becoming increasingly popular for special occasions. Here are a couple of looks that we adore here at Valentina D’ Angela. These are great for everyday styling as well.


Retro waves are a sophisticated way to add timeless beauty to any look. The example photo showcases three ways to wear this kind of style. The hairstyle in the center photo can be dressed up or down, the one on the left is a great casual look, and the hairstyle on the right is appropriate for bridal/special event occasions. You can achieve a casual version of this style yourself by using either a barrel curling iron or a clipless wand. Start sectioning in the back of the head and curl all of the hair in the same direction. Use hair spray and a brush to comb out the curls. This is just one of many ways to achieve this look in a quick, casual manner.


Beach waves are great because they have a natural look to them. They are soft and romantic, which makes them great for beach weddings or casual wear. We love the two photos on the left as examples of relaxed, casual styles. Dressing up the style with a couple of pins and some polishing will make it appropriate for special occasions. The style on the right is a great example of this look. Pinning some of the hair up allows you to add a little bit of volume to the style and dress it up, making it ideal for that tousled, naturally beautiful look. All of these styles can be achieved using a clipless wand. The size of the section of hair and products used will influence the finished look. Some curling wands even offer different tapered designs which also change the look of the finished style.


Summer Hair Trends 2014

Summer is a fun time of year to style hair. Relaxed beach waves, tousled up-styles, and braids have been some of the top trends that will repeat themselves from last year. Over the next few weeks, Valentina D’ Angela is looking at some ways to enhance these styles and fit them with any occasion, whether it’s a day out in the sun or a formal beach wedding. This week, let’s look at some beautiful and versatile up-styles.


The messy braid isn’t going anywhere. This lovely braid can be accomplished in a variety of different ways. French, waterfall , rope and fishtail braids can all be beautifully incorporated into the style. The example photo to the right is a casual take on this potentially elegant style. Loose and relaxed is the key. Keeping the style especially loose around the scalp is preferred. The example photos to the left are recommended more as occasion styles. These braids are more difficult to do by yourself, and add a sophistication to the messy braid that is appropriate for weddings and special events.


Tousled up-styles are amazing because they can be dressed down for a day on the beach or dressed up to be a spectacular special event style. Much like the messy braid, adding intricacy to this style will elevate its design potential to the next level. The photo example to the right is less polished and a little more carefree, which would make a unique and fun casual hairstyle. When doing this style on yourself, using bobby pins and pinning the hair section by section is recommended. Remember, less is more. Too many pins will deflate the shape of the style. The photo example to the left is a bit more structured and much more polished, making it ideal for special occasions. This style complements gowns that aren’t too formal, and have a similarly relaxed sort of feel.

The Perfect Smoky Eye

This week, Valentina D’ Angela would like to show you some of our favorite tips and tricks to create the perfect smoky eye. The smoky eye is very popular request and is appropriate for a range of special events. There are so many different ways to create a smoky eye, but these are just a few of the go –to tricks we use!

Untitled-1 copy

-Highlight the Brow Bone
Highlighting the brow bone plays up the contrast of the smoky eye, this draws attention right to the iris of the eye. This is why the smoky eye can be such an alluring look. Take a slightly lighter shade than your normal powder and lightly brush under the outer eyebrow.

-Angled Brush, Blending Brush
Use an angled brush to create a V shape in the crease of the eye. Choose a medium to dark shade. This will create the base for the eye contouring. After you achieve the proper shape on both eyes, switch to your blending brush to buff out the hard edges of the v you just created. When the hard edges are diffused, you can use your blending brush with a medium shade to further blend.

-Think Lashes! Less Liner
Sometimes a lot of heavy eyeliner with a smoky eye can be unflattering. We find that being more subtle with the liner and focusing on amazing lashes greatly enhances the beauty of this look. We recommend using lash enhancements or a great mascara to help you achieve this. Applying many coats of mascara can be a good alternative to lash enhancements. Make sure to go waterproof!

Spring 2014 Wedding: More Runway Trends

Let’s discuss some more incredible looks taking over the Spring 2014 runway. Valentina D’ Angela is going to show you how to turn these grand fashion runway hits into a reality on your special day. We love designing styles for brides! The hair, makeup, accessories, and dress should all compliment one another and create an overall look. Here are two of our favorite looks for Spring 2014.

blognathair blognatdress

This is an organic, enchanting, effortless type of style. The gowns are simple in shape, but little accents like the unique cuts and the placement of special adornments provide an absolutely elegant and intricate finish. Tousled curls can be left down or loosely pulled back into a low up-style, and decorated with an extravagant barrette, or jeweled headband.

blogpoldress blogpolhair copy

This style is glamorous, sophisticated, and polished. Because of their strong dress shape, trumpet gowns accentuate this style perfectly. Their strong silhouettes and contours compliment a woman’s figure and can be paired with a hairstyle the offers similarly strong design lines. Hairstyles that have more defined silhouettes will enhance the beautiful design lines of the gown. Defined, elegant waves and polished up-styles are adorned with ornamented barrettes and combs.

Check our blog next week! We will look at some tips and tricks from our artists to create the perfect smokey eye!

Spring 2014 Wedding: Lace Gown Trends

The trends for bridal gowns in 2014 are absolutely extravagant. One of our personal favorites: lace! We are seeing lots of lace on the runway, so this week, Valentina D’ Angela would like to share with you some complimentary hair trends to pair with these beautiful gowns.

 breathtaking-mori-lee-spring-2014-wedding-dresses-collection-1 Spring-Wedding-Gowns-2014-Alvina-Valenta-9 charlotte-balbier-spring-2014-lace-back-wedding-dresses

Lace is such a soft feminine fabric. It is important to not overwhelm these subtle touches of elegance. Soft curls and loosely pulled back up-styles enhance the overall look. Styles with less volume can compliment lace nicely as well.

janniebaltzer-2014-91 2b5473588a7fe2cdd78ea1a20f0e06bb

Both of these hairstyles feature less volume, and in both of these hair styles, the point of focus is lower on the head shape. There is diversity here because this particular balance can enhance a high-class, glamorous, vintage look, or a more free-spirited, naturally elegant type of look, both of which are being seen all over the runways for Spring 2014. More beautiful looks next week!

Spring 2014 is Just Around the Corner

Spring is an exciting time to plan a wedding. The trends for 2014 are shaping up to be romantic, bold, soft, and beautiful. We here at Valentina D’ Angela  would like to take an opportunity to highlight some very special makeup tricks and tips to accentuate the beautiful hues and soft feminine fabrics that are accompanying spring 2014 bridal fashion.


Beautiful hues like the ones shown above, are the perfect compliment to soft, subtle, pink lips and a more dramatic smokey eye. Both of which are common request from the brides that we work with at Valentina D’ Angela. Smokey eyes don’t have to be done using chromatic tones. You can also use deep purples or deep blues, both of which would compliment this bouquet beautifully. Deeper toned eyeliner can also be quite beautiful and  appropriate, with a complimentary skin tone of course. Check out next weeks blog. The most extravagant of Spring 2014 bridal gowns can be overwhelmed by the perfect hair and makeup to compliment such a dress.

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year from Valentina D’Angela! What will 2014 bring for you? Are you planning a wedding? Braids/braid crowns are a trendy yet classic addition to most styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment before the big day. Loose braids can be very romantic, making you irresistible on your wedding day. Accessorize with flowers or lace veils. Take care to select the absolute perfect accessory to make sure it’s appropriate for the look you want. Pair a delicate flower with some light pink lipstick for a soft natural look. Or try bold red lips with a lace-draped or birdcage veil for a classic glamorous look.

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We hope this year is your best year yet!