The Perfect Red Lip

This week, Valentina D Angela would like to offer some great tips and tricks for achieving the perfect red lip. Bold lips are a great way to draw attention to the lip shape and can be worn with very little supporting makeup.

When using red lips as the main focus of your overall makeup look, they have the be perfect!

When using red lips as the main focus of your overall makeup look, they have the be perfect!

-Preparing the Lip
No matter the medium you plan to use to create your bold, red lip, it is important to remember to prepare the lip before applying any product. This will prolong the longevity of the makeup, and ensure the best application possible. We recommend a clean face, and gently exfoliating the lip with a washcloth. Dry the lips off completely.

-Lining the Lip
There are many different ways and products one can use to create the bold,red lip. One of our favorites? Liner! We love using liner to create this look because of it’s longevity and matte finish. Choose an appropriate red tone based on the dominant tones in the skin. The cooler red tones tend to be appropriate for most skin types. Begin by using soft strokes to line the outer edge of the lips. You can use the liner to enhance and define the lip shape. Take your time. This part should be perfect. When you have outlined the entire lip, begin using soft strokes to pull the liner down into the rest of the lip shape. Continue until the lip is completely and evenly filled in. You can use a creme powder of similar color to set the liner or wear only the liner.

-To Gloss or Not to Gloss
If you desire a glossy finish, you can apply lip gloss over top of the lip liner. You can also select a lipstick the has some luster to it and apply on top of the liner. Bring your lipstick or lip gloss with you! Using these products may decrease the wear time of the red lip, which means more touch ups.