The Perfect Red Lip

This week, Valentina D Angela would like to offer some great tips and tricks for achieving the perfect red lip. Bold lips are a great way to draw attention to the lip shape and can be worn with very little supporting makeup.

When using red lips as the main focus of your overall makeup look, they have the be perfect!

When using red lips as the main focus of your overall makeup look, they have the be perfect!

-Preparing the Lip
No matter the medium you plan to use to create your bold, red lip, it is important to remember to prepare the lip before applying any product. This will prolong the longevity of the makeup, and ensure the best application possible. We recommend a clean face, and gently exfoliating the lip with a washcloth. Dry the lips off completely.

-Lining the Lip
There are many different ways and products one can use to create the bold,red lip. One of our favorites? Liner! We love using liner to create this look because of it’s longevity and matte finish. Choose an appropriate red tone based on the dominant tones in the skin. The cooler red tones tend to be appropriate for most skin types. Begin by using soft strokes to line the outer edge of the lips. You can use the liner to enhance and define the lip shape. Take your time. This part should be perfect. When you have outlined the entire lip, begin using soft strokes to pull the liner down into the rest of the lip shape. Continue until the lip is completely and evenly filled in. You can use a creme powder of similar color to set the liner or wear only the liner.

-To Gloss or Not to Gloss
If you desire a glossy finish, you can apply lip gloss over top of the lip liner. You can also select a lipstick the has some luster to it and apply on top of the liner. Bring your lipstick or lip gloss with you! Using these products may decrease the wear time of the red lip, which means more touch ups.


More Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

Please enjoy some more of this season’s hottest makeup trends and some advice from professional makeup artists on how to achieve them!

Beauty female eye with curl long false eyelashes

Incredible Lashes from Top to Bottom – Lashes are the perfect cherry on top to a stunning makeup application. Summer 2014 trends encourage not leaving out those ever-forgotten bottom lashes. Using mascara or eyelash extensions, to overly accentuate the bottom and top lashes creates a sultry and retro 70’s kind of look. Some artists will clump the lashes together to create a more dramatic, high fashion look. Try layering the mascara to achieve incredible lashes. Apply the first coat of mascara to both top and bottom lashes and let dry completely before applying your 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th coat, depending on your desired result. Be careful to apply each layer with finesse. Remember you are shaping and defining the lashes, as well as making them appear fuller.

Beautiful face

Natural makeup – Summer 2014 is bringing good news for those of us who enjoy a quick, everyday, natural makeup application. Natural makeup is all about accentuating one’s naturally beautiful features. Nude/matte lip colors are recommended. Try to pay special attention to the features that shape the face, like the eyebrows and cheekbones. Perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows and a light, matte bronzer on the cheeks can carry this look entirely. Sometimes using a light powder or tinted moisturizer is more appropriate than using a foundation. Using a heavier foundation with this look requires more makeup on the eyes, lips, and cheeks to ensure that the skin tone does not become washed out, which takes away from the soft natural feel that inspires this trend.

Makeup Trends for Summer 2014

Nothing accentuates a beautiful hairstyle like the perfect makeup. Here are some makeup trends we love for the summer of 2014 and how to best wear them!

Woman with orange lipstick

Bold Lip Colors – We are seeing a lot of vibrancy on the runway, as far as lip color is concerned. Bright hues like candy apple red, hot pink and cream sickle orange are dominating the summer season. We’ve been seeing diluted versions of the same colors showing up on the cheeks also. When wearing bright lipstick, it is best to keep the rest of the makeup relatively simple. To incorporate bright lips into your everyday look, try playing down the eyes. Try lightly lining the eye, and using mascara instead of contouring with eye shadow.

eyeshadow colors and eyeliners, cosmetics

Green, Blue, Teal – These colors are being favored this season not just by clothing fashions, but in the eye makeup world as well. We have been seeing a variety of ways to decorate the eyes with these shades from eye liner pencils to pigmented eye shadows. Liner pencils are a great way to achieve this punch of color quickly, and not a lot of other makeup is required in an everyday wear scenario. Because these colors have such a pop when used on the eyes, a simpler lip is usually recommended. Try soft pinks or nudes on the lip.

Spring 2014 Wedding: More Runway Trends

Let’s discuss some more incredible looks taking over the Spring 2014 runway. Valentina D’ Angela is going to show you how to turn these grand fashion runway hits into a reality on your special day. We love designing styles for brides! The hair, makeup, accessories, and dress should all compliment one another and create an overall look. Here are two of our favorite looks for Spring 2014.

blognathair blognatdress

This is an organic, enchanting, effortless type of style. The gowns are simple in shape, but little accents like the unique cuts and the placement of special adornments provide an absolutely elegant and intricate finish. Tousled curls can be left down or loosely pulled back into a low up-style, and decorated with an extravagant barrette, or jeweled headband.

blogpoldress blogpolhair copy

This style is glamorous, sophisticated, and polished. Because of their strong dress shape, trumpet gowns accentuate this style perfectly. Their strong silhouettes and contours compliment a woman’s figure and can be paired with a hairstyle the offers similarly strong design lines. Hairstyles that have more defined silhouettes will enhance the beautiful design lines of the gown. Defined, elegant waves and polished up-styles are adorned with ornamented barrettes and combs.

Check our blog next week! We will look at some tips and tricks from our artists to create the perfect smokey eye!