Chic Bridal Styles Cont.

This week we want to highlight some elegant touches that are sure to create a stunning vintage style. We like to use soft accents, which boast an aura of femininity. Please enjoy!

 The Hair

Girl with bridal hairstyle and makeupBride. Golden Hair Female with Red Flower. Platinum Necklace

The hair for this type of look can be worn up or down, but we have chosen to highlight these beautiful up-styles because of their adaptability when working with all different textures and densities of hair. Soft curls are strategically pinned to showcase the shape of the curl pattern. We love the accent hairpiece placed asymmetrically, although this style is beautiful with birdcage and traditional veils as well.

The Makeup

Soft makeup

Beautiful soft pinks and oranges for the lips and cheeks, and neutral tones on the eyes keep this look soft and natural. The rose colored lip looks beautiful with ivory wedding gowns.


 The Dress

Lace and ivory detail

An easy way to achieve a vintage feel to your bridal style? Lace! We love gowns and veils that are accented with lace trim, or in the case of the photo, gowns made completely of lace. Trumpet style gowns are a popular cut for this look also.


 The Flowers

Beautiful Bouquet

When designing a bouquet to fit you vintage style, be creative! Ask your florist to help you choose a variety of flowers that will compliment one another. We like pale colors in vintage style bouquets. Think pale greens, soft pinks and oranges, and lilac/lavender tones.





Happy 2014!

Happy New Year from Valentina D’Angela! What will 2014 bring for you? Are you planning a wedding? Braids/braid crowns are a trendy yet classic addition to most styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment before the big day. Loose braids can be very romantic, making you irresistible on your wedding day. Accessorize with flowers or lace veils. Take care to select the absolute perfect accessory to make sure it’s appropriate for the look you want. Pair a delicate flower with some light pink lipstick for a soft natural look. Or try bold red lips with a lace-draped or birdcage veil for a classic glamorous look.

hair 3h724

We hope this year is your best year yet!